Six Hundred West Main is the brain child of husband and wife, Jeffrey Levien and Ivy Naté. Jeff, a real estate developer and Ivy, an artist, have always been somewhat linked in their business pursuits, regardless of who led the endeavor. They've helped each other raise capital (and a child!), negotiate deal terms and craft business plans. Six Hundred West Main marks their first true business collaboration. 



Jeff Levien went to undergrad business school at Tulane University in New Orleans, got his juris doctorate in NYC, and practiced real estate law for 5 years before embarking on a 20-plus year career in the real estate business.  If need be, he can run a pretty sweet Excel spreadsheet (although he now leaves that to his analysts) and he can tirelessly negotiate terms of a loan agreement, or tenant lease, for hours on end. But if you meet him, he’s really not that boring. Jeff has his own boutique real estate development and investment company, which executes a wide array of transactions from ground-up residential and retail development, to large-scale office renovation, to trading portfolios of underperforming real estate debt. He also spent several years with large NY-based real estate firms overseeing the acquisition, entitlement and financing of progressive large-scale mixed-use development. Altogether, Jeff has worked on more than $3B in real estate transactions, with current ownership in more than 750,000 sf of real estate, and he shares his experiences by teaching classes at New York University.


IVY Naté

Ivy Naté graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in Design & Marketing, and creativity running through her veins. After a brief corporate stint at Tommy Hilfiger, Ivy began a dynamic career in entrepreneurial design and marketing pursuits. In her 20’s, she opened DT•UT, a financially successful and critically acclaimed café lounge in NYC that was ahead of its time in bringing a lower east side feel to the upper east side. As a presidential candidate VP Al Gore made sure to be interviewed sitting with the “cool people” of DT•UT.  In the decades that followed, Ivy provided design services to private (and a few famous) clients, as well as commercial enterprises; guiding the decorating, styling, and presentation of spaces, as well as custom designing furniture for them. Ivy’s unique artistry and cutting edge vision have been a constant throughout her endeavours. She now dedicates most of her professional time to creating pieces of mixed-media art for sale to the public (  Her work can be seen in several galleries worldwide.